Jungfruskar Production. Andrewskij, producer & songwriter.
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Theme melody for the podcast 
Keep it smooth.

NuSamba, electro house with 
accordion and acoustic guitar 
in a Brazilian mood. Now available 
at iTunes and soon at Amazon and 
Spotify.Listen and download it here, 
or at Amazon.


Kickstart Bossanova by Dreamy is 
featured on this impressive podcast 
with contemporary brazilian beats. 
Available on iTunes.

Remixed jingle for Kobra, TV show 
on Swedish Television. http://www.svt.se/KOBRA



Remixed for 3C, 3345 Music, Dallas. Available on Traxsource 
autumn 2008 and on Spotify. http://3345music.com/Andrewskij

    Soundtrack for Fashion Tale Magazine's
    Behind the scenes films (2008).

    Fashion Tale 1.
    Fashion Tale 2.
    Fashion Tale 3.  
    Fashion Tale 4.
    Fashion Tale 5.
    Fashion Tale 6.
    Fashion Tale 7.
    Listen to the music in better quality here.

    Distratta, remixed for Italian 
    lounge/nu-jazz band Mondo Candido. 
    Silence Records, Firenze. 
    The debut single Kickstart Bossanova from Dreamy, 
    a nu-bossa project from Stockholm. Taken from the 
    album Scandinavian Nonsense. Available at itunes 
    and Amazon.com.   
    Jungfruskar Records 2008. 

    Produced and directed the video to Kickstart Bossanova, 
    by Dreamy. (2008)
    Scandinavian Nonsense, the debut album from Dreamy. 
    Check out video, reviews and more at www.dreamy.se. 
    Listen on Spotify or download the album at Itunes or Amazon.com
    Jungfruskar Records 
    Music production and recordings for international language courses. 
    Foremost latin oriented pop.(2006 - 2007).  http://nordpro.se
    My sleeping circus by Dreamy 
   featured on this compilation from 
   Acid Jazz Records, London.

    Jungfruskär (2001), a jazzpop project with 
    Swedish lyrics. Never released, but available 
    to download here.

    Co-produced, and wrote music and lyrics to No way (dream on) 
    Bonnier Amigo/Avex (Japan), plus some guitar playing on Romeo 
   (check out the video here) (No.1 on the swedish sales charts
    for 7 weeks, double platinum) and Skater Girl (check out the video here). 
    Former of the jazzpop group Close, 
    wrote the material and played the 
    guitar.Close achieved some attention 
    in Scandinavia and Japan. The material 
    was not released officially, but it 
    can be downloaded here.

    Co-wrote and co-produced 'The Story of Ray Mingus', 
    McKenzie Bros.pt.1, McKenzie Bros. pt2',  and 
    played guitar on Hold Me (check out the video here), 
    Bottleneck Bob, The Chase (check out the video here) 
    and the Cotton Eye 2002 Remix(check out the video here).